Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My thirteenth day! 14,AUG,2007

Today, we went to the White House. It was a white building and many policemen were standing guard. I was so excited at taking a lot of pictures of it and they are my good memories.
P.S. I took a picture of Sponge Bob’s ice cream! I love him so much (^_^)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My twelveth day! 13,AUG,2007

It was clear blue sky today! I, Ai and Laura toured the University of Maryland University College. There were a lot of paintings and I especially was interested in Japanese one that was painted from American point of view. Afterwards, we went to Cold Stone Ice cream. Flavor was white chocolate with strawberry and it was very nice! In the evening, I and Ai went to the dinner and ate beefsteak in Applebee’s. This was my first steak in the United States. I was happy to eat a lot of delicious meals today (^_^)

Monday, August 13, 2007

My eleventh day! 12,AUG,2007

Today, I went to National Museum of the American Indian and Natural History Museum. In National Museum, I could study about Indian life style and eat Indian food like tortilla. It was very good! And also, I bought wonderful birthday present for my brother. Next, I went to Natural History Museum. I watched fossils of dinosaur, stuffed mammals, rocks, jewels and so on. Every zone was great, but I think photograph zone was the best! I bought magazine which photos appeared. I really enjoyed myself.

My tenth day! 11,AUG,2007

Today, we went to Annapolis. Annapolis was very lively and has a navy academy, so there were many sailors. I was lucky to take a picture with them! After returning to College Park, we had the dinner in Chinese restaurant. I ate white rice after a long separation. It was really delicious! Tomorrow, we are going to National Museum of the Indian and Natural History Museum.

Friday, August 10, 2007

My seventh day! 8,AUG,2007

Today, we went to WUSA Channel9. We toured the station and watched live news broadcast. It was exciting. Fortunately, we could take individual pictures with J. C. Hayward, who is a famous news anchor. I was so glad to do that! On the way to go back College Park, a train suddenly stopped and the station closed down because of suspicion about terrorism. It took my breath away, but nothing happened. So, I was relieved so much! Tomorrow, we will go to Inter-American Development Bank.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My sixth day! 7,AGU,2007

Today, I went to a typical American supermarket. There are so many foods there and it is much larger than Japanese one. I got a lot of souvenirs. I bought fruits, chocolates, snacks, cans and so on. I enjoyed myself at the supermarket.

Monday, August 6, 2007

My third day! 4,AUG,2007

Today I went to Alexandria and Georgetown. I went to Irish festival and I bought Irish traditional ring. It is so cute! And also, I bought a lot of souvenirs. Look forward to them! In Georgetown, I got clothes and ate an ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s. The flavor was Clunky-Monkey. It was really delicious. We will go to the Washington monument the next day.

My second day! 3,AUG,2007

Today, I went to the University of Maryland and met Professor Marie. Her major is Government Politics. She is so cheerful and kind!
I enjoyed classes, but I was still feeling bad. So, I returned to the hotel and went to bed early.

Friday, August 3, 2007

My first day ! 2,AUG,2007

At length I arrived at Maryland, Washington D.C. after a long time!
I am so glad to see Nina, Laura, Sophia and Ji Won.
I am looking forward to making friends, going shopping and sightseeing and learning American culture.
I am so excited that my wonderful adventure has started!

But...I am suffering from jet lag and heat.
My adventure is heading for trouble.