Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My twelveth day! 13,AUG,2007

It was clear blue sky today! I, Ai and Laura toured the University of Maryland University College. There were a lot of paintings and I especially was interested in Japanese one that was painted from American point of view. Afterwards, we went to Cold Stone Ice cream. Flavor was white chocolate with strawberry and it was very nice! In the evening, I and Ai went to the dinner and ate beefsteak in Applebee’s. This was my first steak in the United States. I was happy to eat a lot of delicious meals today (^_^)


Hiromi said...

Hello, Yuka!
I enjoyed taking a look at the pictures that you took, especially at the dinner's one! Hahaha~. It definitely makes me hungry because it looks really "Oishisou~"!

Nina Liakos said...

Those pictures make me hungry, too (even though I don't eat steak!). I have never been to Cold Stone Creamery and maybe I should not start this habit, because I love ice cream too much! I bet you and Ai had fun at UMUC with Laura.

Berta said...

Hi Yuka,
The White House, what an experience. Was it like you had imagined it to be? I felt the tour was rather short and some of the rooms were smaller than what I had imagined, but it was quite an experience to be there.
Applebees is one of my favorite restaurants. It brings me a lot of memories from our stay in Boston.

Have a pleasant and safe trip back to Japan.

All the best,